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Here's what happened next The first Tinder date, as I expected, was a complete disaster and I was tempted to pack it all in. Me and my Tinder BFF knew from the beginning of our interaction that we were destined to be together.

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Castro drove down the driveway, got out of the car and secured a large padlock on the gate. Weren’t they only going to be there for a few minutes? But Castro had an answer for everything: The puppies were sleeping, and Emily would be up any moment.

Castro said something about not wanting his truck to get stolen, then helped her out of the car. The thick air smelled like stale beer, urine and rotten black beans, and many of the windows were boarded up. “She’s right downstairs, putting some laundry in the machine,” Castro said. He pointed to the staircase, and Knight started climbing.

I decided to friendzone him because, if you exclude the whole sex thing, we actually had a good time. Gorgeous, tall, smouldering, mature and successful. Unfortunately for me, he is also 24 and in the prime of his playing-the-field days.