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Instead, we set our sights on the ones who’ve got their head screwed on straight and are ready to have an adult relationship.We’ve already covered the 9 signs a man is dating a real woman but ladies, if your boyfriend meets any of the following criteria, chances are you’ve landed a real man.We wish you best of luck for your rich dating experience in 2017!

While many of us ladies subtly appreciate a certain boy-ish charm, at the end of the day, we all want to date a man.

Once you’re out of your teens and early 20s, there’s nothing attractive about a guy who’s immature and lacks direction.

Sadly for Kenny, his entire identity is based on how gay he is and, to him, you can’t be gay unless you’re having gay sex: he says he’s gay “in theory, not in practice.” Here we have Kenny - an underage boy, mind you - talking about “getting action” and using a dating app to pick up men.

He bemoans being “completely alone in a forest of straight people” and wanting to find a place where “gay guys come to gather nuts and berries.” Kenny notes that many users only use “their best body parts” as a profile picture - gee, wonder which parts. I'll set up an account, but it seems like most gays don't use their faces in their profiles, just their best body feature.

The universal rule in matchmaking that should be applied to dating is there is no universal rule – no one-size-fits-all imperative that is relevant to each unique individual.