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I find conversation partners very helpful both at the beginning of the learning process and later on to maintain a learned language.For example, I have a lot of Spanish correspondents to maintain my level of Spanish.

Because there is no place on the written online application for one’s religion, the Ministry of Justice can’t publish statistics showing the religions (or races) of naturalization candidates; they can only publish sex and former nationality statistics.

The claim that in Japan permanent residency is not given to Muslims is also false.

Most people use this function to send images of the messages they receive on Sarahah out to their friends on Snapchat, in an attempt to find out who gave the ‘anonymous’ feedback… Many users have complained of receiving abusive messages on Sarahah, with racist and misogynistic comments being directed at users.

Almost everyone has a few online-romance horror stories, but no matter how awkward your chatroom dalliances have been, we have a feeling the Saudi Arabian teenager who uses the online handle Abu Sin probably has them beat.

The Guidelines for Permission for Permanent Residence published by the Immigration Bureau of Japan make no mention of religion.