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“We can no longer depress Seattle of this important tool to create a more detailed record of what happens during critical instances,” said Murray.

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A member of the African American community, Frances Bowman says the body cameras are a welcome step into healing the relationship between police and the community. There are too many people that are dying and not enough being done about it, and with the transparency of the body cameras we will be able to at least know what we’re dealing with and then move forward,” said Bowman.

Murray says the body cameras will help hold police officers accountable and provide a public record for the community.

“My intention was to do it for two weeks just to pick myself up, and it turned into 22 years.”During that time, Stewart was trafficked in Taiwan, Japan, Hawaii and here in the Pacific Northwest before she felt she could leave at age 41.“It takes a minimum of seven times of attempting to get out before you are finally able to get out,” Steward said, mentioning issues of addiction but mostly shame.

“I got out simply and only because of Jesus Christ.”Stolen Youth executive director Nicole De Cario fears more youth trying to survive on the street could be exploited, especially given the area’s youth homeless problems.“If you imagine these case of a homeless youth: They're doing what they can to survive, and in some cases, they need to sell themselves,” De Cario said.

De Cario says about 500 Seattle youths are trafficked for sex every year; the youngest person trafficked the nonprofit has heard of was 11 years old.