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So how does all this talk about buying used cars relate to dating? When you go out on a date with them, though, you start to see their cracks and flaws. Learning your flaws, embracing them, going to the mechanic once in a while to get your flaws fixed, and having an action plan to work on them is really important.

What you need to realize is that the older we get, the more flawed we become. You're not perfect, so stop chasing after and looking for perfection.

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Then when you ask them if they have any service records, they always tell you that they don't have any because the car has been "dealer maintained." They tell you that although they have no records, that the car is absolutely perfect.

Now, there is a trick I've learned about buying a used car.

Honest seller's ads are written with a lot of passion. Everyone online is perfect according to their profiles and how they describe themselves.

They love and are going to miss the car, even though they want something new. Everyone has had such a wonderful and exciting life.

This article is penned at 30,000 feet traveling home from a weekend in Las Vegas.