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is a social experiment where strangers will have to undress each other on camera, get on a bed, and then spend 30 minutes answering questions and doing challenges to see if they're a good fit for each other. ) couples, Jake and Amber, and Benthley and Grace, as both pairs try to navigate through the awkwardness of undressing one another.

I've lost so much weight from all of the work...looking sexier at 39 than ever at 29!!!

The winds died down some Saturday but the rain from Harvey kept coming and coming as the now-tropical storm camped over Texas, drenching searchers and residents going through widespread devastation along the coast.

TBH, this show sounds like my personal nightmare, as I don't think I could fully open up to anyone (let alone a potential partner) while stressed out over my period-stained underwear or the fact that my bra has had underwire poking out of it for the last three wash cycles. No word yet on whether or not Jake and Amber or Benthley and Grace ended up together after their initial undressing, but you can tune in Wednesday, Aug.

makes a strong existential case for year-end bonuses, but it’s far less instructive on which type of bonus works best. Individual, performance-based bonuses can boost morale at the cost of coworker competition, while team-based bonuses can elevate cooperation at the cost of free-loading.

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