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If an individual does not link to a “matched” PIN during the FSA ID registration process, they will have limited use of the FSA ID until the SSA confirms their personal identifiers (1-3 days).

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Common conditions include sinus problems, respiratory infection, allergies, urinary tract infection, cold and flu symptoms and many other non-emergency illnesses.

When you request a visit, Teladoc will connect you with a doctor licensed in your state.

All Teladoc doctors are board-certified, state-licensed and go through rigorous training and credentialing. Most plan designs allow you to use the Teladoc service for you, your spouse and your dependents. It is up to the doctor to recommend the best treatment.

Teladoc doctors do not issue prescriptions for substances controlled by the DEA, non-therapeutic, and/or certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse.

The Department of Education will implement its new Federal Student Aid ID.

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