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But even under the hot sun, and the beautiful surroundings of the African safari, mom was still focused on work, only she didn't know that her "next big story" would lead us towards an exploration of our deepest taboo desires. "First of all, it will only be us and a guide on this trip. We'll have to sit in the back of a cargo truck for an hour-long ride." "Okay, cool, that sounds doable." "Secondly," she tensed again, "this is a very primitive tribe. I wasn't a worldly person like she was and I didn't have all the knowledge from around the globe that she had. "Simply put, this tribe is essentially a nudist colony of indigenous people. We would look like aliens the way we're currently dressed." It was a shock all right. My second thought was that I would finally be able to see her naked. This time, I was the one who was tense and awkward. "Actually, I can do it, since it's that important to your career." She flashed a big smile, "Thank you so much. You're doing me a massive favor, and I deeply appreciate it." "Thanks." "I'd like to be sure about something, though. If this makes you uncomfortable at all, then I could just go alone. Her hand moved behind her back, ready to unclasp her bra. It was a huge cargo truck, the kind used to transport large groups of people or crates. He apologized and explained that the back of the truck was filled with supplies, which meant that the ride to the tribal area would be a little uncomfortable.*** That morning I was getting ready in our hotel room, while mom was in the lobby making final planning decisions with our tour guides. By that, I mean they aren't used to foreigners like us. Safety is not a problem whatsoever." "There's obviously something that's bothering you. If I didn't know better, I'd say that my mother was implying that she'd have to be nude as well. Like most boys with beautiful mothers, I'd wanted to see her nude at several points in my life. Of course it was nothing obscene or overly perverted, I was certain that most boys had similar feelings. But now suddenly, it seemed like those dirty fantasies were back in a powerful way. "I've already told the tour guide that we're going. I promise I'll make it up to you somehow." Mom approached me and threw her arms around me, giving me a big, suffocating hug. I figured you would be screaming at me for making you come along." This surprised me. She had that particular stare whenever she wanted to know if I was lying or not. It was like a battle to see who had the stronger will. You could go with the tour group." I smiled and nodded. I mean, yes, I want to help you." She squinted her eyes again, knowing she'd caught me. Also, he assured us that he had done his best to accommodate us. Simply put, she was great at her job and she'd do anything for a major scoop. "You might change your mind after seeing me naked." "Why would I do that? I've been naked around film crews and tribal people before. So start stripping mister." She gave a stalwart look and crossed her arms firmly. She enjoyed the torment and stress this put me under, in a particular way that parents like to patronize their children. It was an uncomfortable moment, but I had to take charge. They were shaped like averaged sized round globes with large brown nipples, her tits hanging down a little from her mature age. She had the body of a middle aged woman who did her best to stay in shape and eat healthy. What made her seem even sexier was that she was clearly proud of her nudity. I wondered if she was aroused at all, being naked in front of me like this. I saw that she kept her head down, and her butt appeared to be clenched from her fast walking; her curvy butt cheeks swaying side to side from the movements.

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That 'next big story' didn't come until our safari vacation in Africa. "You'll have to wear leaves to cover your body parts? My first thought was how painfully awkward this would be for us. Then you might back out, and I just don't have time for that. Naturally, I was worried that my exposed cock might get hard for my mother, adding to the embarrassment, but I was so nervous that the erection never came. Yet it was actually happening, and it was her plan to be naked in front of me. The moment was far too unusual, yet my mother seemed totally casual with exposing her body like this. The big truck would be coming to pick us up, and for the moment we were away from the other tourists and waited privately. " "Funny." A big clunky cargo truck came from around the corner.

I was on break from college, and my mother needed the rest. You know what that means." Unfortunately, I didn't have the brain of my mother. But by the look on her face and the excitement in her voice, it didn't seem like a big deal to her, mainly because this would be for the advancement of her career and her own personal curiosity. And I know how difficult this must be to you." If only she knew... Now, our tour guide is expecting us in about ten minutes. Her eyebrow rose, "Not bad." "Jeez, mom," I sighed. Now it's my turn." My heart felt like it stopped as my mother began to undress. She showed off her experience with this type of nudity as she casually removed her clothes and folded them neatly. Even when she was in nothing but her bra and panties, barefoot in our hotel room, her face still appeared to be calm. "Oh my god," mom breathed quietly, "So embarrassing." "What's wrong? It parked in front of us, and the tour guide came out to open the back of the truck.

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She's won countless awards, and her articles have been published by dozens of major news outlets around the world. Or, maybe it was because this was for professional reasons, and there was a good cause for it. They were so embarrassed by their erections, but I assured them that it was perfectly natural." "Oh, well, I'm just a little nervous. Walking behind her, I could only imagine how red mom's face must have been.