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The East Junior High School basketball squad practiced Saturday. They were thinking about Glenn Taylor, Jr., a smooth, rangy forward on the team who was shot to death Friday night on the parking lot behind East High School...

His mother said she was in the East gymnasium Friday when a young girl rushed in and shouted: "Little Glenn's been shot! as a 15-year-old boy was trying to break up a fight between several women in the parking lot behind East High School after a basketball game with Central High.

In this article, I only begin to touch on some of Lewis’s many writings pertaining to the subject of liberty and Christian teachings because any truly adequate examination would warrant at least an entire book.

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He instead focused on first principles, and public-policy matters were of interest only as they pertained to questions of enduring value.

As a result of this focus, whereas the work of most modern scholars and other writers quickly becomes dated and obsolete, Lewis’s work has achieved increasing timelessness and relevance.

Positive correlations with increase in farm income have been established through studies in the case of sale of large variety of products like shampoos, soaps, bicycles, televisions, radios etc.

On the supply side, increased agricultural output naturally results in more marketable surplus of cereals, fruits, meat, eggs, vegetables etc.

and appear on the plates of both rural and urban consumers in larger quantities.

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