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We are counselling quite a few students of nursing, Arts, Commerce and Science, who have got involved in prostitution." It is the lure of the lucre that plays a major role in attracting these small-town girls, says Varsha, and adds: "Since these students are young, they get good money from their clients, which are solicited either directly or through their brokers.

Each girl has more than six-seven SIMs and they keep changing their numbers. And on hourly basis, their charging rates are 1500 to 2000, depending upon the client.

Some weight gain is only to be expected – but where it goes could predict gender.

If you carry weight on your hips and thighs, expect a girl.

“Oh, it was just a one-night stand, so it didn't count,” was one popular refrain.

“We had a lot to drink so I bet he doesn't remember,” was another.

So, if getting a surprise in the delivery room isn’t your style, check out the following ways – some scientific and some absolute bizarre—to determine whether you should break out the pink or blue…