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A national follow-up survey indicated a dramatic increase in CAM use The study also found that among the respondents who in the past year had used CAM and seen their medical doctor, 63 to 72 percent did not disclose to their doctor the fact that they had received at least one type of CAM therapy.

43.0% prayer for one’s own health 24.4% prayer by other’s for one’s own health 18.9% natural products 11.6% deep breathing exercises 9.6% participation in prayer group for one’s own health 7.6% meditation 7.5% chiropractic care 5.1% yoga 5.0% massage 3.5% diet-based therapies 13.7% spiritual healing or prayer 9.6% herbal medicine 7.6% chiropractic therapies 6.9% lifestyle diet 6.4% massage therapy 5.0% relaxation 3.1% homeopathy 1.7% imagery 1.4% acupuncture 1.1% energy 0.5% hypnosis 0.5% biofeedback 0.3% other (e.g., qi gong, yoga, chelation, and bee stings) nondisclosure, common reasons were “It wasn’t important for the doctor to know” (61 percent), “The doctor never asked” (60 percent), “It was none of the doctor’s business” (31 percent), and “The doctor would not understand” (20 percent).

The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus), on a nest in Florida, is sometimes known as the sea hawk, is a diurnal, fish-eating bird of prey.

They have built three nests; using the current location since Superstorm Sandy blew out a different nest in 2012.

There have been four different eagles during that time.

The eagle pair has successfully fledged eaglets almost every year, with the exception of 2009.