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2 African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church QUARTERLY REPORT FOR CHURCH SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT.All boards/clubs/organization operating in the name of the church are amenable to the Quarterly Conference and as ...Each regional church is composed of constituent eparchies (or dioceses) ruled by bishops.

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Because if the Body is not properly structured, it will not be able to fulfil its destiny completely.

You see, we can have all the revelation truths being restored and all the power and anointing and glory at our disposal, and yet, not move in our Divine destiny, because the structure of our life, our family, our church or our nation can be crippled and thus, not being able to hold all the precious things coming from the Spirit of the Lord.

Members, lay or clergy, may petition the Council for declaratory judgment (interpretation) for paragraphs of The Discipline.

The council was voted into existence by the 1946 General Conference and became operative in 1950.

The College of Bishops plan for the general oversight and promotion of the entire church. Judicial Council The Judicial Council of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is like a third branch of government in which bishops represent the executive branch, the General Conference represents the legislative branch and the Judicial Council represents the judicial branch.