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Oracle recommends use of Web Logic Server 12.1.1 with these patches applied, on both JDK 6 and JDK 7.

You can obtain these patches in either of the following ways: Note: Before you install the updated Web Logic Server 12.1.1 distribution or the JDK 7 certification patches, Oracle recommends first installing JDK 7.

In a Server Core environment, the graphical interface, management tools, and management infrastructure are removed from the Windows deployment.

This typically means about 50 percent fewer patches and, more important, longer times between reboots, because the patches that are no longer required are typically those that require reboots.

However, there are a few things which you should do slightly differently than with pure Objective‑C projects: We recommend you compile the conformance to Realm Objective‑C collection types and re-exposes Objective‑C methods that aren’t natively accessible from Swift like methods including variadic arguments.