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As of version, binaries, libraries and Chocolatey components install in (environment variable %Program Data%) by default.

This reduces the attack surface on a local installation of Chocolatey and limits who can make changes to the directory.

For an example of using the direct path load method, see case study 6, Loading Data Using the Direct Path Load Method.

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We recommend a lower value for frequent checks of slower backups, especially when data is moving across a WAN link.

Use the following steps to modify the chunk size for the Comm Cell: Use the DMMBCHUNKSIZE additional setting to control the chunk size of the data write operations that go to the Media Agent on which the additional setting is created.

When you host internal packages, those packages can embed software and/or point to internal shares.

You are not subject to software distribution rights, thus you can create packages that are more reliable, offline, and secure. For more information on organizational cautions about the community package repository, see the community repository disclaimer.

By default, the chunk size is configured to get the optimal throughput to the storage media.