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I then downloaded Oxygen XML editor and it worked fine on the same XML and XSD files, so the files seem to be fine (or Oxygen is more forgiving / flexible . Once all of that is in place, the Visual Studio XML editor should highlight problems with your XML in the editor using blue squigglies: @jim Not sure if you had the same problem, but I spent a ridiculous amount of time before I realized that the XML file must be open in the editor and the focus must be in the editor when you call up the Properties window.Only then do you get the "XML Document" properties where you can assign a schema.Yes, perhaps the initiative to support the XAML/XML -like csproj in core could be much less painful if we had more interactive development of the .csproj file.

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Now let's say you want to read this XML file with Power Shell.

To do this, I'll use the [xml] type accelerator and Get-Content to pull out all the text and convert it to XML.

Hello there, we are writing a VSCode extension for Telerik Native Script projects and one of the biggest requirements from our customers is to enable Intellisense for the UI declarations which are written in XML files.

We have a schema declared on the root Page element, but it seems to be ignored at the moment.

One way to store information in a hierarchical way is in a XML file.