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I needed to do that and it hosed me since I couldn’t.

I couldn’t rename a file extension with the Files app.

Westernization allows a country not in the western tech group to remove the penalty on technologies.

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Offensive Security has posted a video showing the exploitation of one of the vulnerabilities.

Symantec has indicated they are aware of the vulnerabilities and are investigating.

Is there a particular date or technology level (based on which technology group I belong to) where it is a good idea to begin to stop coring, vassalising and spending points on technologies, and instead save them up to begin the process of Westernisation?

In a nutshell: When is the optimal time to prepare for and carry out Westernization?

So it brings a sad tear to my eye when I tell others of this great game, even if what they really wish I would do is shut up about it, and they respond that it is just too daunting, too impenetrable, too complex and downright too scary to play.