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Humans are sexual creatures and the urge to get together can be tempting.According to surveys, 75 percent of Americans and Europeans have had sex by age 20, long before people generally commit to long-term relationships. Psychologists refer to the years from age 18 to 29 as “emerging adulthood” and it is characterized by a sense of possibility—and unprecedented social freedom.

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If getting a date is simple for many individuals, there is no reason why it must be tough for others.

The reason obtaining a day is tough for some is even if they do not know the best ways to set about it.

The collision of possibility and freedom gives rise to ideas like “sowing your wild oats,” connoting a youthful string of sexual partners. On the one hand, there's the case that hook-ups are regrettable experiences that often happen in a haze of drunken disregard.

This side of the argument might point to the concept of “the walk of shame” (heading home the next morning in the previous night’s clothes) as emblematic of the downside of casual sex.

On the other hand, casual sex, it might be argued, is all about pleasure: At least one study found that, at least for males, hooking up was associated with a boost in well-being, perhaps because sexual congress can be a significant status symbol and source of confidence for young men.