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She was a virtual unknown suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Since then, her career has managed to straddle popcorn blockbusters such as Jerry Bruckheimer’s ‘National Treasure’ series (with Nicolas Cage) and more challenging fare including Joyeux Noël, set on Christmas Eve during World War 1, and Goodbye Bafana, about Nelson Mandela’s prison guard. But then she came to Paris and the two of them are still in contact today.

Her next part is as a jailed mother in the French film ‘Anything For Her’ and Kruger has also just finished filming her lead role in Quentin Tarantino’s latest offering, ‘Inglorious Basterds’, out this summer. My mother’s become a lot more worldly now.’ Kruger has travelled the globe, but she is still close to her mother and often goes back to see the family: ‘Lower Saxony. It’s so different from anything in my daily life now so I find it a bit exotic.

He becomes convinced that Jessie is under threat, a damsel in distress.

Director Alice Winocour does a delicate dance, where we’re not quite sure if it’s the absent Lebanese husband, or Vincent that is the actual, and great threat.

This week’s sighting confirms the dating rumors surrounding the former co-stars, who first became acquainted on the set of the 2015 drama and were speculated to be dating in 2016 after Kruger’s 10-year-relationship with fellow actor Joshua Jackson ended.