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Of course, none of those incidents have anything to do with Aliana’s music career, which she’s determined to launch once and for all later this year — and, yet, they have everything to do with it. She has the throaty voice, the freckles, and it isn’t long before she mentions that her mom Dina is one of her best friends ("my strength").

When you’re the sibling of one of the world’s most famous ingénues-turned-cautionary-tales, how do you survive both her spotlight and her shadow? That’s what I’m trying to figure out when I meet Aliana at Verve in June. In my memory, she was still a tween, frozen at the peak of Lindsay’s fame, accompanying her sister on the red carpet, starring in Lindsay’s "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)" music video, and nervously chatting with David Letterman to promote her short-lived reality show She moved to L. from New York in early May, and has since spent her days in a recording studio with a writing partner (whose name she’s reluctant to share until the album’s complete) and working with a producer to nail down her sound, which she describes as "Western emo," citing Nancy Sinatra and Johnny Cash as inspirations.

Lohan is of Irish and Italian heritage, and was raised in the Catholic religion.

Lohan's musical career began when she released a Christmas album, Lohan Holiday, in late 2006 under YMC Records (re-released in 2012 as Christmas with Ali Lohan).

My team around me knows me to the core and I've got the support of my family. After all, when one sets out to conquer the Internet, it helps to have a good beat.