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“He is a visionary,” Lawrence said, adding that she accepted the role even before reading the script."I don't like waking up with nothing to do or going to sleep without accomplishing anything," J.

Law explained of her thought process when choosing whether to say yes or no to projects.

And the reason why my films and TV shows have done well over time is because they have substantial value that obviously rings true with the fans and fans of all ages," she told the outlet.

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That outfit looks horrible.' That will be the last time." %Gallery-89113% Talking smack like that is so not cool, but Jen's lucky enough to have a good pal like Selena to make her feel great about herself. They're not very all over each other like some teenage couples." Does this mean the break-up rumors are false? The Texas native also confesses that she "did know" that Joe and Demi were dating before Demi blabbed to the media, and calls the newly minted couple "good for each other." "They're both into music and they're both good friends," she told us.

Love broke the news yesterday that the 47-year-old singer and actress is now dating 41-year-old former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. The best part of this is wondering how loyal Boston Red Sox fan Ben Affleck will react to the news that the woman he almost married is stepping out with one of the most famous Yankees of all time.

We chatted with Jennifer about the movie, what it's like to read blogs about herself (people can be so mean! I think it's a fantastic idea for you to be friends first with a guy and just be yourself, enjoy his company, and then if it turns into something more, it's probably better that way." And since Jennifer stars on a hit TV show with Selena Gomez, you'd expect her to be up-to-speed on this season's breakout shows, right? While talking about Glee, she confesses, "I've only seen one episode, but the episode I saw was really good. Speaking of vampires, Jen's read all of the Twilight books, but hasn't seen the trailer for Eclipse yet.

), how she really feels about Wizards of Waverly Place co-star Selena Gomez, and of course, her reaction to Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato dating. It's kind of ironic that I don't watch it because I love musical theater." As for The Vampire Diaries, she's only seen a handful of episodes, but calls the evil brother the hotter one. She's Team Edward through and through and Breaking Dawn is her fave book in the Twilight series. When we ask this fanpire where she stands on the one-movie-or-two Breaking Dawn debate, she dishes, "I would like one..the Twilight fans agonize, so they'll probably split it up into two." Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars will air TONIGHT, March 26 at 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

I mean, think about it: Jennifer and Kelly were basically obsessed with one another.