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She is one of the most commercially successful of the show’s contestants, appearing in campaigns for Target, Old Navy, Pantene, and Garnier. She was the first transgender contestant on “Top Model” and continues to be one of the most visible trans personalities on TV.

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Eva talks to and what you hope viewers gain from the series? It was something that I definitely thought long and hard about before doing because it isn’t one of those shows where you just get a group of people together who look good and do a TV show.

This is a show with my real friends, with relationships that I cultivated.

The former beauty queen had small parts on “One Tree Hill” and “Mad Men,” and married Stephen Amell in 2012.

Scullark finished in 3rd place in Cycle 5 and 10th place in Cycle 17.

It's the far east against the deep south; strict, traditional, Korean customs versus a backwards, country way of life.