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Some of the writers on Friends have guest-stared on the show.

Michael Curtis was a police officer in TOW Heckels Dies and was on Wheel of Fortune as the guy who couldn't guess Mount. Various writers appeared in the teaser for TOW the Princess Leia Fantasy, Ira Ungerleider appeared as the noisy, upstairs neighbor in TOW Chandler Can't Remember which Sister, Wil Calhoun was "Freak" in the coffeehouse whose order was too complicated for Rachel,and Greg Malins was a priest in the museum when Rachel and Ross wake up in the diorama.

Matt Le Blanc was down to his last dollars when he got the part on Friends.

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cast will be on stage to answer questions and honor director James Burrows (who is not, in fact, dead, as I thought when I first heard about the tribute, but has instead reached the milestone of directing over 1,000 episodes).

But there's a bright side to the fact that this isn't an episode: NBC host Andy Cohen will be lobbing questions at the actors, which means we may just finally find out — did any of the drunken hookup happen, right? Besides, over the ten years of episodes, their characters all hooked up with each other and each others' partners quite a bit.

As confusing as it may be to keep up with the constant changes, it’s always fun to speculate if this relationship is going to last or who’s going to be next. Think about it, there’s always a shock factor when you learn that two celebs dated back in the day when you stumble on an old red carpet picture, but very rarely do we hear about celebs that dated before they were popping.

We recently learned that star Rachel Lindsay was an item with NBA superstar Kevin Durant back when they both attended the University of Texas.

Courteney Cox originally read to play the part of Rachel Lisa Kudrow was picked to play the part of Roz Doyle on Frasier but the producers and writers decided that they were changing the character too much to fit Lisa's personality and dropped her in favor of actress Peri Gilpin before the pilot was shot.