Who is liz hernandez dating 2016

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EVERUP: So, tell us about a mentor or teacher who was particularly influential in your life. She has been the person who has pushed me toward finding my own greatness. She has mentored me personally and professionally, and throughout our relationship, any time life has thrown me a curveball, she helps me to find the silver lining.

She lays out the options; and even when you feel like your back is against the wall, she’ll remind you, “everything happens for a reason.” She has helped me realize that a tough situation may be a life lesson. It’s unbelievably impressive how many hats she’s worn throughout her career: titles such as Alternative Brand Coordinator, Program Director for Los Angeles rock station 98.7 FM, Assistant Program Director/Music Director for KIIS-FM and Booker of the annual i Heart Radio concert.

She was born and grew up in Riverside, California, and started out her radio career while attending the University of San Diego.

As she pursued a degree in communications, she also interned for a local radio station at the same time.

I am married to the most loving,caring, and compassionate man, my hubby, Josue.