Why men stop calling after dating

“I don’t get it, he went from calling me and wanting to go on dates all the time to disappearing on me and I can’t ever get ahold of him. It is during this time his true feelings for the woman will show up. Yes, he wants to talk to her and go on a date with her (probably).

I don’t know what happened.” Never one to mince words, I ask a few more questions to get an idea of what might’ve happened but it’s usually the same conclusion. There’s an emphasis on “clarity” with this phrasing, because up until a man sleeps with a woman, he’s not sure how he feels about her either. He might even want to be her boyfriend just based on how attractive she is (more often than not).

If this wasn’t common knowledge before, you’re welcome. As such, there is an adrenaline rush that comes with the chase. ) of hard work is about to pay off, he makes sure to get super fresh for the evening. He disappears for days or perhaps a week or two at a time. “How come everything was going so well before we had sex and now when I want to be with him, he’s nowhere to be found? What she didn’t know is that in his moment of clarity he realized he, in fact, wasn’t that into her. Let’s take it back to the night he finally “cracked the piggy bank.”While you guys were in the room, sweating your lives away to the point of climax, both of you (hopefully) reached the promised land.

Everything is exciting, the anticipation is palpable, and the focus is on getting to the “finish line.” Many times, the finish line is sex. If you have a homeboy reading this and he’s laughing and nodding with approval while you’re trying to tell both of us we’re wrong, stop it. I’m trying to help Love Changes, A Thug Changes, And Best Friends Become [Sex Buddies].. ) of a man putting in work, the woman finally decides she’s willing to give up the “path to happiness.” He hits her up, asking her what she’s doing for the weekend. The weekend comes up, they go out and have a good time, both anticipating putting the “finishing touches” on the evening. They decide to go to her house (because he has a roommate and his roommate is nosey) and decide to go “bang bang, like Gorillas.” (Bruno Mars, what up.)A few weeks pass by and she notices his change in behavior. Now, I know for some of you women, the light just clicked on. While you, young lady, were laying in ecstasy thinking about taking his last name and having his babies, he was thinking about something different. In his euphoric (and triumphant) moment, he was able to think clearly since his mission was accomplished.

Wondering why this sort of thing happens (and it happens to all of us) is often just a cover for feeling sorry for yourself. There is more than enough pain in the world waiting for you without you having to contribute more.