Wife dating salesmen

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But weekdays find her urging gynecologists to prescribe a treatment for vaginal yeast infection.” There are some suggestions that the cheerleaders became the substitute for the now-illegal freebies that drug companies used to give doctors (like trips to Tahiti). But then try to give his account to someone else on your team. If the guy touches you and you don’t want it, tell him a clear no right away. If, after you tell him no, he touches you again, leave and don’t go back.

The drug industry is so systematic about recruiting cheerleaders that the New York Times writer Stephanie Saul wrote a feature about it, spotlighting women like Onya: “On Sundays she works the sidelines for the Washington Redskins. If you are selling to a really good guy, and he’s single, dating him is fine. Don’t put yourself in danger – from the guy or from human resources. The job of human resources is to protect the company, not you, and when you have a harassment complaint, you are a problem to the company.

Not a vitamin, not a dietary supplement, but the real thing. Her patter went on for about an hour before it dawned on me I was being baited to join a pyramid selling outfit.

The company that made them was called NSA, and the amazing thing about all NSA's products was they are not available in the shops. I should have walked out there and then, but I was too polite and her chat was too good.

A neighbour asked me round to discuss a new business she was involved with.