Wsus not updating windows 8 clients

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Also adding KB3176929 made no difference (both of these are referenced by multiple threads)Get-Windows Update Log is of no help since I guess it needs some symbols to make the data readable. I understand that it should be doing that per configuration, but something is wrong and narrowing down the issue might be a helpful next step.

WSUS server has both of the Windows 10 related updates (including the one that required additional steps after installation). Windows 1511 updates no problem and you can even start the 1607 update from WSUS if I approve it for a computer. Download()#Install updates.$Installer = New-Object -Com Object Microsoft. I've heard there are settings which were in 1511 (?

They are still required to open Windows Update and manually click 'Instal;l Updates'.... Do not display install updates and shut down option....

not ideal from my perspective, as you could imagine, some users are not installing them at all. : Disabled Do not adjust option to install and shut down......

Is there a way to make this option available on Win8.1 OS, or is the only option to change 'Configure Automatic Updates' to option 4 and set a schedule to install them. : Disabled Enabling Windows Update Power Mgt to automatically Wake up system : Enabled Configure Automatic Updates : option 3 : Enabled Specify intranet MS update location : Enabled Automatic Updates frequency : Enabled Allow Automatic Updates immediate installation : Enabled Can I ask why you want to avoid scheduling automatic installation?