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(YFCC100m) dataset, a great novel dataset was introduced to the computer vision and multimedia research community.

To maximize the benefit for the research community and utilize its potential, this dataset has to be made accessible by tools allowing to search for target concepts within the dataset and mechanism to browse images and videos of the dataset.

What’s cool about Infochimps is that you can download datasets into csv format.

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To make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of useful databases that you can use to find the data you seek.

It’s a struggle to look for reputable and legitimate sources, especially in this digital age.

This website presents means of accessibility for the YFCC100m dataset.

This includes a global analysis of the dataset and an online browser to explore and investigate subsets of the dataset in real-time.

Each item is linked to its associated Flickr page, where further information such as comments can be found.